A new technology creates a new scientific field and we develop simple and elegant optical techniques to explore new science. Our interest includes both fundamental and applied science.  We also commercialize the developed technology to create new industry.

latest research

Sensitive quantitative phase imaging

"Adaptive dynamic range shift (ADRIFT) quantitative phase imaging"

Light: Science & Applications 10, 1 (2021)

High-speed FTIR spectroscopy

"High-speed Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy with phase-controlled delay line"

Laser & Photonics Reviews 15, 2000374 (2021)

World's fastest infrared spectroscopy

"Time-stretch infrared spectroscopy"

Communications Physics 3, 152 (2020)


3D phase microscopy with molecular contrast

"Label-free biochemical quantitative phase imaging with mid-infrared photothermal effect"

Optica 7, 359-366 (2020)

Simultaneous Raman & infrared spectroscopy

"Complementary vibrational spectroscopy"

Nature Communications 10, 4411 (2019)


Label-free coherent Raman flow cytometry

"High-throughput label-free molecular fingerprinting flow cytometry"

Science Advances 5, aau0241 (2019)

Phase microscopy with molecular contrast

"Molecular contrast on phase-contrast microscope"

Scientific Reports 9, 9957 (2019)

Ultra-rapid Fourier-transform spectroscopy

"Phase-controlled Fourier-transform spectroscopy"

Nature Communications 9, 4448 (2018)