We are dedicated to advancing the field of optical science through cutting-edge research at the Institute for Photon Science and Technology (IPST) and the Department of Physics in the Graduate School of Science at The University of Tokyo. Our lab specializes in developing innovative optical techniques with advanced lasers to explore physical and biological phenomena and uncover the mysteries of our world. We are also actively transferring our developed technology to industry.









  • [New paper] "Single-image phase retrieval for off-the-shelf Zernike phase-contrast microscopes" oublished in Optics Express. (2024.1)
  • A webinar presentation "Mid-Infrared Photothermal Quantitative PhaseI imaging (MIP-QPI)" uploaded on YouTube.
  • Shotaro Kawano received  Young Scientist Presentation Award in the JSAP Autumum Meeting 2023! Congratulations! (2023.11)
  • Keiichiro Toda and Kohki Horie received best poster award in UTokyo Biophotonics Workshop! Congratulations! (2023.11)
  • Welcome to a new member Zinan Zhou! (2023.10)
  • [New paper] "Label-free mid-infrared photothermal live-cell imaging beyond video rate" published in Light: Science & Applications. (2023.7) Press release
  • [New paper] "Thermo-optical measurements using quantitative phase microscopy" published in Optics Letters
  • Welcome to new members Yusei Sugawara and Masato Fukushima! (2023.4)
  • [New paper] "Upconversion time-stretch infrared spectroscopy" published in Light: Science & Applications. Press release (2023.3)
  • [Award] Shotaro Kawano received Best Poster Award in the 7th Photonics workshop (Photonics division, JSAP)! Congratulations! (2022.11)
  • Welcome to a new member Zhihao Deng! (2022.10)
  • Genki Ishigane received Young Scientist Presentation Award in the JSAP Spring Meeting 2022! Congratulations! (2022.5)