Optical measurement techniques create new science and industry

The history of science has witnessed new measurement techniques created new science. This is an essential and universal relationship of natural science that stands on experimental validation. Ideguchi group studies new optical measurement techniques and use them for fundamental and applied science. We are currently interested in molecular spectroscopy and microscopy techniques. 


Dual-comb spectroscopy

Review article

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Single-laser dual-comb spectroscopy

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Adaptive dual-comb spectroscopy

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Coherent Raman dual-comb spectroscopy

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Compressive dual-comb spectroscopy

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Phase-controlled Fourier-transform spectroscopy (PC-FTS)

Nature Communications (2018)

Complementary vibrational spectroscopy (CVS)

Nature Communications (2019)

Time-stretch infrared spectroscopy (TS-IR)

Communications Physics (2020)

Fourier-transform coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering spectroscopy (FT-CARS) 

Optics Letters (2020)

Optics Express (2018)

Coherent Raman flow cytometry

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Mid-infrared photothermal phase microscopy

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Adaptive dynamic range shift quantitative phase imaging (ADRIFT-QPI)

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Optical parametric oscillator

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Supercontinuum generation

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