In the history of science, new measurement techniques have created ground-breaking research fields. Following the history, Ideguchi group develops optical measurement techniques to open up new physical and biological science.

Reserach topics

Mid-infrared technology

  • Broadband or tunable mid-infrared lasers
  • World's fastest mid-infrared spectroscopy
  • Mid-infrared photothermal phase microscopy
  • Computational dual-comb spectroscopy

Nonlinear optical technology

  • World's fastest coherent Raman spectroscopy/microscopy
  • Simultaneous infrared and Raman spectroscopy
  • Multi-modal nonlinear microscopy
  • Vibrational flow-cytometry

Label-free cell biology

  • Large-scale label-free single-cell analysis
  • Label-free biophysics

Physics of laser material processing

  • Time-resolved image analysis of laser processing

Selected achievements


Dual-comb spectroscopy

Review article

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Single-laser dual-comb spectroscopy

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Adaptive dual-comb spectroscopy

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Coherent Raman dual-comb spectroscopy

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Compressive dual-comb spectroscopy

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Phase-controlled Fourier-transform spectroscopy (PC-FTS)

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Complementary vibrational spectroscopy (CVS)

Nature Communications (2019)

Time-stretch infrared spectroscopy (TS-IR)

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Fourier-transform coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering spectroscopy (FT-CARS) 

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Optics Express (2018)

Coherent Raman flow cytometry

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Mid-infrared photothermal phase microscopy

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Adaptive dynamic range shift quantitative phase imaging (ADRIFT-QPI)

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Optical parametric oscillator

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Supercontinuum generation

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